Inner Arts Initiative, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding the role of music and art in society, and helping people gain a greater understanding of themselves and their world through the arts.

Increasing awareness

We believe in the power of music and art to serve a larger function in the lives of the world’s people than it currently does. Music can heal, comfort, help people learn, and expand understanding. We seek to increase global awareness of the power of music and art through thoughtfully crafted education programs and the distribution of inspiring new work.

Encouraging growth

One participant, one listener, and one student at a time, we encourage the growth of creative thinking and ability, the growth of self-awareness, and the growth of music and art. We seek to expand the role that music plays in lives around the world, because we feel it is so valuable, yet often so undervalued.

Rethinking perspectives

We aim to help people see the world differently and rethink their perspectives. One of the beauties of music is its ability to transform our reality and engage the entire mind. Our presentations of carefully selected new music – both in recorded and live formats – aim to guide listeners to new points of view. Similarly, our education programs enable participants to perceive the world in new ways through their own creative expression.

Inspiring happiness

Our ultimate goal is to inspire happiness. By increasing awareness of the power of music and art. By expanding self-awareness and helping individuals see the world in new ways. By encouraging the growth of creative ability and the importance placed on creative pursuits. Our biggest initiative is to increase happiness and joy for all.

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